The Economy

The San Luis Valley is a majestic destination. The quality of life is high, but the lack of a diversified economy has left the Valley with a lack of high-quality jobs. More than 60 percent of residents in the San Luis Valley feel the Valley is not headed in the right direction. We want to work with the community to bring in the type of jobs that will inspire younger generations and aspiring entrepreneurs to stay in the Valley, proudly contribute to their hometowns, and eventually become job creators themselves.

Through the creation of the $50 million Community Fund, Renewable Water Resources is making an investment in the local economy. We could use the $50 million Community Fund to invest in tech incubators, jobs training programs, dependable Wi-Fi so professionals can work remotely in the Valley, programs to help farmers diversify their crops, and micro-loans to aid manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

The $50 million Community Fund can also support the area’s nonprofits and community groups that help the community stay together and run efficiently. These services might include support for law enforcement and fire services, funding extracurricular activities for the area’s youth and teens, investing in K-12 education, college and trade school scholarships, and providing healthcare and services for seniors.

Together, we can ensure a bright future for
the San Luis Valley

Imagine a better future for your kids and economic stability. Imagine keeping dreams alive for farmers and ranchers currently in the Valley, imagine keeping dreams alive for young families who want their children to have a good education and grow up seeing good jobs and career opportunities in their hometown.

How the RWR project will contribute to the local economy:

  • A $50 million Community Fund, locally run and controlled. This equates to an infusion of about $3 to $4 million dollars annually into the local economy.
  • Investment of $68 million to pay local farmers and ranchers who voluntarily wish to retire their water rights at 3x the market rate.

After fully learning about our project, local support for the RWR project climbs to more than 42 percent.