A State Approved Project

Colorado Water Court ensures that the San Luis Valley will not lose water. Colorado Water Court requires that any water project does not deplete water resources and does not harm or injure property or people. The Renewable Water Resources project will enter the water court process and prove how the project meets these provisions of the water court.

Colorado has some of the strictest laws in the nation. In the San Luis Valley, water provisions are even stricter. In fact, the San Luis Valley is the only place in the state that has a “one-for-one” law. This means that if any water is proposed to be taken out, the equal amount of water must be retired at the same amount. Colorado Water Court also mandates the provision known as “no harm, no injury.” In other words, state protections are in place to guarantee “no harm, no injury,” to the environment, people, and property.

RWR will also restrict that the pipeline for the project would only be allowed to carry 22,000-acre feet of water, no more.

Guaranteed protections.