The Challenge:

  • The San Luis Valley has a pressing legal obligation to retire stream flows and unconfined aquifer wells, but lacks the financial resources required to do so.
  • Saguache County has pressing community needs and limited resources to fund them.
  • The Front Range and Colorado’s economic health is at risk by lack of renewable water.

The Solution:

The Project takes no new water out of the system, in fact, it puts water back into our stressed streams and unconfined aquifer. 

This project created by the people of the San Luis Valley benefits everyone, protects our environment, and brings needed resources to our community.

The Benefits

  • Community: The project will create a $50,000,000 community fund, run by the community, that can be dedicated to schools, youth sports, seniors, health care, law enforcement, fire protection, tourism, the arts, conservation efforts…etc.
  • Farmers/Ranchers: Water right owners may voluntarily sell all or a portion of their water rights at a premium, up to 22,000 acre feet.
  • Environment: The project will replenish the stressed stream and unconfined aquifer system of the valley, aiding birds, fish, and plant life. This will help us meet our legal and moral obligation to bring balance to the Rio Grande Water Basin.