The Project is advantageous to the San Luis Valley and specifically Saguache County for numerous reasons.

The project will create a $50,000,000 community fund, run by the community, that can be dedicated to schools, youth sports, seniors, health care, law enforcement, fire protection, tourism, the arts, conservation efforts…etc.

Additionally, state law requires that when water is pumped out of its existing environment, it must be replaced. Therefore, no new net depletion takes place. This is true of the Project. In fact, the project will put more water into the system than it takes out.

Currently RWR owns ranch lands with senior water rights, but will purchase the remaining water rights from other individuals on a voluntary basis and to reach the desired amount of 22,000 AF of water.

RWR will be purchasing water rights from willing sellers at above market value.

The Fund will be available at transfer of water decree to end user.